Lionel Michelin

Born in 1949 – a one of a kind vintage – a special blend of 50% Martinique and 50% Ardennes.

Working at a part-time job while studying law, I discovered the historic wine warehouses in Paris Bercy. Fascinated by what I saw, I joined a wine tasting club where I began my initiation into the delights of antique vintages such as Mouton 1945, Yquem 1921, Margaux 1900, Latour 1870 and Chambertin 1811, among many others. These extraordinary tastings literally went to my head and I was soon hard at work building my own cellar of fine wines.

In 1994, I decided to share my passion for wine and created De Vinis Illustribus for wine lovers everywhere. Finding good wine is no selfish pleasure –I set off to track down an exceptional vintage, inspect it for authenticity and ensure it has been properly preserved with the aim of providing my customers with a truly memorable tasting.